Organic Breads


Our Organic Breads incorporate ingredients in an unrefined stage. They do not contain highly processed flours. our Organic Certified Sprouted breads are made with live grains. These grains contain vital nutrients and maximize the nutrition and flavor of the bread. Sprouted breads are loaded with enzymes that are activated during the sprouting process. This means each serving of sprouted bread contains multiple important vitamins, minerals and natural fats, as well as protein – nutrients we don’t typically find in ordinary, processed breads.


We need a certain amount of fiber in our diet in order to stay healthy, and sprouted grain bread contains several grams of fiber per serving. Some sprouted breads have a sweet taste because sprouting converts starches into maltose and other complex carbohydrates. In addition, sprouted breads are moist and made without yeast.


Sprouted grain breads are very healthy. Moreover, they have a low Glycemic index, which keeps our blood sugar levels stable for longer periods of time, and they are low in saturated fat.


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