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Case of 6 Manna Nut Butters Dark Chocolate Pecan
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Case of 6 Manna Nut Butters Dark Chocolate Pecan

Case of 6 jars (12 oz / jar)

Manna Butter Dark Chocolate Pecan Nutritional Information

INGREDIENTS: Cashews*, Pecans*, Evaporated Cane Juce Crystals*, Vanilla Extract*, Cacao Powder*, Himalayan Pink Salt

* = Organic

The wise person's chocolate spread... unbelievalby rich, satisfying chocolate flavor, smooth and creamy without sticking to your palate. Perfect on fruit, waffles, toast, in a smoothie, on pancakes, as ice cream topping, frosting for cup cakes, muffins and cake. Or... our favorite: eat it with a spoon :-)

Organic, Gluten free and kosher certified


USDA Organic Certifed, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified

6 Jars (12 oz each)



Case of 6 Manna Nut Butters Dark Chocolate Pecan

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