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Our Manna MunchiesTM are a great healthy snack.

Everyone has heard that kale is good for you, but not everyone knows what to do with it. Fret no more! At Manna Organics, our kale chips are the most delectable solution to adding more nutrient-dense foods to your diet.

Our Kale Chips are not a raw food. 

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Mango Dippers
1 Cup (5.5 oz)
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Organic Classic Trail Mix (Raw)
1 Bag (10 oz.)
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Organic Mango Slices
1 Bag 3.52 oz
$4.99 20% off $3.99
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Case of 10 Mango Slices
Case of 10 bags
$45.00 20% off $36.00
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What Doctors Don't Tell You Article

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Manna Bread

Welcome to our bakery! Manna is Home of the best organic bread, vegan organic Gluten Free breads, vegan organic yeast-free sprouted breads, raw organic trail mixes, artisan sourdough breads, organic nut butters, organic Kale Chips and organic ingredients.


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